A photographer that produces many images but only shares them with the world via social media. 

This photographer doesn't have the time or courage to walk the streets with a portfolio under their arm, but would love to get their images hung on empty walls. 

Focal Produce wants to help artists get in touch with the people nearby who can support them, and take some of the pain away from gaining exposure in their local area.

Think of Focal Produce like a dating site, but for artists and galleries, helping each find their perfect match.


Whether you paint, photograph, sculpt, draw, or create in any other way, Focal Produce can help you get your art on the walls of local galleries!

Here on Focal Produce, you can create a profile, a number of albums showcasing your work, and then search out the perfect gallery for you and your artwork.

When you're ready, send the gallery a message on here and see if they'd be interested in promoting your work.

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You don't have to be a fully fledged art gallery to hang art on your walls. All you need are a few empty walls and the willingness to help out your local artists.

You could be a cafe or restaurant, a post office or even a doctor's surgery, anywhere that has a good flow of art loving public coming through your door.

Let our artists know that you want to help by creating a profile, and then search for artists near you. 

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